Prep for the Holidays

After all the Halloween candy has been eaten or given away, it is officially the start of the most wonderful, and expensive, time of the year—The Holiday Season.

With rising prices and an ever-growing gift-giving list, picking the best presents within an affordable budget is trickier than the Run-D.M.C. song. But, what if there was one solution that meets all your Christmas or Holiday Season needs, while also being totes affordable and universally compatible for any gift receiver? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Pure for Men!)

We’re spilling all the details on our upcoming sale promos from the start of November till the end of 2022 so you can focus more on receiving than giving this year!

Treat Yo’ Self (And Maybe Others) 

The most important person you need to shop for this year is yourself…and your obligatory Secret Santa pick. To help fly those two reindeers with one sleigh, we have two time-limited deals that unfortunately won’t last as long as our Lubes

Our Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster deal runs from November 13-19, as the name implies. But what the name doesn’t mention is the Body Wash gift (a $9.99 value) you receive when ordering a 240-count Pure for Men Fiber bottle. You also have a choice between our Charcoal or Eucalyptus Body Wash to fit your Secret Santa or White Elephant party needs without splurging extra!

For those looking for belated gifts for their flight-delayed in-laws or for New Year’s Resolution season, our Pure Cash Promo may be the better fit. From November 20th till December 3rd, purchases between $75 to $150 earn cashback to be used within 45 days starting on New Year’s Day. To break it down more, product totals of $75 earn $5 back, a $100 cart earns $10 back, and a $150 highroller purchase earns $15 cashback via an emailed code. 

PFM blog prep for the holidays 6 for 69 fiber bundle

Good Gifts for Your Good Judy(s)

Just in time for Black Friday season, our fan-favorite 6 for $69 deal is back so you can gift with value from November 1-30! This 40% off bundle of six 60-count Pure for Men Fiber bottles (a $119.94 value) makes an excellent gift for friends, family members, partners, or pretty much anyone who wants to stay ready and/or regular! As a bonus, you can even stash some for yourself!

If you’re shopping for an avid traveler, a long-time Pure for Men fan, or someone new to the Stay Ready vibe, then our $30.99 Holiday Gift Set promo is the way to go. Valued at almost $55, this gift bundle includes our travel-sized Body Scrub, Body Bar, 2 oz Bum Balm, and a choice of any 2oz Lube (Coconut-based, Water-based, or Silicone-based). It also runs from November 1st till December 25th for both early shoppers and last-minute Blitzens!

PFM blog prep for the holidays gift set

Pure Gifts for Everyone

With our final online-exclusive deal of Free Shipping on orders $75 or more from November 1st till the end of the year, you can find a gift for anyone and everyone while stuffing your own stockings!

Whether you’re gifting a universal Bidet Attachment, Toiletry Bag, E-Gift Card, or Face Care Kit, Pure for Men has something for every need. 

Stay Ready and Stay Giftin’!



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Pure For Men Stay Ready Fiber Powder
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Stay Ready Fiber Powder

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