Bottoming For the First Time

When it comes to sex, getting ready as a bottom can often be overlooked. Respectful tops know the efforts that are put into place in order to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable session. But as a first timer, it could all seem a little scary and over-whelming. Where do you begin? Unfortunately, it’s not something we are taught in school, and if the proper measures aren’t applied, it could be rather messy or even dangerous. It’s important to know and trust your body in the process and to fully understand each other’s limits, wants, and needs.

Build Trust

Before getting into it, we believe that the first step to guarantee an enjoyable experience comes down to the partner. It’s important to only engage with someone you can trust, who will be patient and ensure that the experience is pleasurable for the both of you. Not everyone is at the same experience level, let alone in the same headspace in terms of how they view or handle their sexuality. An open line of communication is key, and it will ensure that no surprises are involved. Consent should never be lost here and the rules that are laid out should always be honored and respected. Never shy away from breaking down what’s to be expected in detail. If your partner doesn’t respect you, it will make it hard for you to maintain the proper headspace to fully enjoy the experience.  

Take Fiber Supplements

Once a connection is established, it’s essential to regulate your gut health. As you know, we specialize in this department, therefore adopting a supplement routine will ensure that your colon is consistently clean while reducing any feelings of bloating. Our Stay Ready Fiber supplements will also regulate heart health and body weight, for a bonus. Try including the routine for a few weeks before bottoming, to make sure your body is used to it.

Take It Slow

"’s important to keep that line of communication open throughout."

Now, before getting into it, foreplay is just as important as the act itself. It’s here that you will be able to set a mood that is in line with both parties and to gauge the level of respect that will be applied. Once you’re in the right headspace, you may proceed. Your breathing will also play an imperative role. Try to start very slowly, so you can get in tune with yourself through your breathing, which will in turn, open you up. It will not work if you are tense and uncomfortable, therefore it’s important to keep that line of communication open throughout. 

Trust Yourself and Relax 

You’ve done all the proper measures to guarantee an enjoyable time, so don’t overthink it. If you can regulate your breathing while it’s happening and fully tune into your own body and trust yourself in the process, you’ll be on the right track. 

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Stay Ready

Getting ready will almost become ritualistic after a while and before you know it, you’ll have full confidence leading up to every experience. Keep in mind that accidents can still happen, and it’s important to never feel ashamed about it. Trust your partner, have faith in yourself and always be safe.

For more tips on how to bottom, check out our blog How to Bottom 101.



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