All About our Bath Fizz

It’s time for the announcement you’ve been waiting for! Before you get too excited, no it’s not the new Drag Race All Stars cast or Succession premiere date.  

It’s the launch of our latest and greatest addition to the Pure for Men family–A lavender and bergamot-scented Bath Fizz! This is our newest body care essential guaranteed to melt away stress and soothe your skin one soak at a time. 

The Bath Fizz is literally our latest obsession besides the M3GAN trailer and we’re going to share why it should be your second favorite type of powder to our Fiber Powder.

Putting the Pride in Powder

We like our Bath Fizz how we like our men–Delicious smelling and there when we need them!

"...all ingredients were additionally selected to be organic, plant-based, and free of GMOs." 

Our Hawaiian Lava Salt powder blend is also proudly cruelty-free and safe for both the global environment and your skin environment. For universal skincare, all ingredients were additionally selected to be organic, plant-based, and free of GMOs. 

Conveniently packaged in an 8-oz jar, it’s simply the best 24-hour spa at a more affordable price than the gas it takes to get to an IRL one!

Natural Ingredients With Unnatural Benefits

Before we get into the uses of this fine powder, we’re going to dig into the nitty gritty of its not-so-gritty blend. 

The Pure for Men Bath Fizz is compatible with all skin types for an elegant and water-activated rejuvenation experience. Bergamot and Lavender give this powder its gorgeous smell, but the latter essential oil calms both your mood and skin with its inflammation-reducing properties. For further detoxification, Kaolin Clay acts as a pore cleanser to delicately remove oil and other debris. 

Additionally, both the Black Hawaiian Lava Salt and antibacterial Tea Tree Oil components work against blemishes, but the oil mostly focuses on skin irritation protection while the salt increases circulation. 

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Other proprietary ingredients we can disclose are raw olive oil, citric acid, seed oil, and baking soda. But the Donnie Wahlberg to our New Kids on the Block group of ingredients is Witch Hazel. That right stuff is what adds a final soothing touch to dry, irritated, inflamed, or itchy winter skin!

Endless Fizz Functions

Using this fizz is as simple as making Jell-O. Start by mixing in a ¼ cup of powder with warm water in any tub or container, stir until dissolved, soak your body or parts of it for a minimum of 20 minutes, rinse, dry, and repeat!

It can be used in any tub, sink, or bowl since it's plumbing-safe, and just like our Lubes, it is non-staining and easy to clean. Plus, it fills your bathroom or soaking room with a rich fragrance so you can live your perfume commercial fantasy day or night. 

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You can use it to soak your hands and feet for a little solo self-care time, or you can take a full-body dip with a partner(s). No matter how you use it, it’ll leave your mind feeling relaxed and your skin feeling soft and smooth!

Soak It All In

Our main fizzes are still the Pure for Men Fiber Capsules and Fiber Powder, but the new Bath Fizz is adding a little spice to our brand. 

It’s versatile, natural, and extremely effective all while being contained in a small package that packs a large punch. The only way to truly know what all the fizz is about is by trying it yourself!

Stay Ready and Stay Fizzy!



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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