3 Masturbation Tips for Stronger Orgasms

We don’t want to say you’ve been masturbating wrong. There’s no “wrong” way to masturbate. But if you've been masturbating the same way since you first started when you were 13 (or whatever age you began), then there’s likely room for improvement. See, most gay and bisexual men not only feared getting caught by our parents at any moment, but we were also watching gay porn, which adds a whole ‘nother layer. So many of us rushed our masturbation sessions, doing it as quickly as humanly possible. (Perhaps there was an element of shame in there? Who knows!)

But now you’re a grown-ass man! You can take your time masturbating. You don’t feel shame for doing it. Watch that man getting fisted. Enjoy Daddy plow that twink. Go off sis!

So here are some tips to enhance your masturbation session in case you haven’t switched it up in over a decade.

Change positions
If you masturbate on your bed lying down, do it while seated upright. If you do it at your desk while watching porn, do it on all fours. Change positions, change the strength of your orgasm—it’s as simple as that. Besides, variety is the spice of life.

Use sex toys
This is a big one. If you’re a top, get a Fleshlight or any number of male masturbators. There are so many to choose from: ones that vibrate, ones that have the mold of your favorite porn star’s asshole, and even ones that have beads that stimulate giving you a blowjob. If you’re a bottom, oh boy. Dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massagers, and more. If you’re a verse queen, put a butt plug in your booty while using a vibrating cock ring. LIVE. IT. UP.

Edge yourself
Edging is when you bring yourself right to the point of orgasm (the metaphorical edge), but instead of ejaculating, you stop, breathe, and don’t touch yourself. You let your arousal go down until you can start masturbating again. You repeat this a few times, and when you finally do allow yourself to ejaculate, your orgasm will be far more powerful. You will be shooting across the room, my friend!

Watch different types of porn
We all have our gold standard—the category we always search. Whether it’s “big dick,” “twink,” “daddy,” or something far kinkier, we usually stick to the same genre of visual stimuli (my fancy way of saying porn). Watch something different! See what else turns you on. There are always more erotic stimuli that can get you aroused.

Use your other hand
Okay, this one takes some time to get used to. I hated doing it at first, but after a few attempts, it actually feels nice and sorta like a stranger is giving you a handy. It’ll also definitely take you longer to orgasm if you use your other hand, and as I mentioned, it’s good to prolong the jackin’ session.

Alright, so what it boils down to is changing up your routine. I don’t want to sound corny, but masturbation really is self-care. There are so many positive benefits to masturbating: it helps us de-stress, we sleep better, it improves premature ejaculation, and more. So switch it up. Let’s make these orgasms as strong as possible!

Written by Zachary Zane - NY Daily News called me a “Bisexual Mega Influencer” | Sex Columnist | SexPlain It @menshealthmag | Zach and the City @queermajority

Instagram: @zacharyzane_
Twitter: @zacharyzane_



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